Monetising time on the road

What's the potential power of affordable on-the-road advertising? Vast and immeasurable, but not unmeasured anymore.

Mobilads is an intelligent environment, allowing drivers to monetise their time on the road. With smart campaign-based planning, clear statistical insights, and real-time tracking, Mobilads unlocks the new era of profitable and efficient mobile advertising. A million pedestrians. A million potential clients.

Affordable, yet accessible and highly-efficient, on-the-road advertising?


Forget unmeasurable billboards and taxi-tops. Our solution - build a sturdy platform to onboard drivers to suitable ad campaigns, track their activity and evaluate their impressions and earnings from advertising.

Powerful data analytics in the core

Mobilads, ensures accurate insights, much lower CPM, more impactful advertisements, and far broader reach.

Oh, and yeah - it is also accessible to every rideshare driver.

For Drivers

How to help drivers to earn more by doing what they already do?


Providing drivers with clear guidance and real-time insights on ongoing campaigns.

How it works

The science behind

Optimised earnings

Drivers can browse and local campaigns and optimise their exposure and earnings.

On the other side, location-based content criteria allows brands to customise their coverage and increase exposure to targeted potential customers.

Easy scheduling

A customisable schedule that works for all. Car wrapping locations, schedule, period, and budget. All in one spot.

Rewarding experience

A gamified experience rewards drivers for achieving challenges and receiving various awards and virtual coins to use within the app.

Modular Design System

Product serving products

Modular design system

We believe every product should be build with it’s future in mind. Products entirely built on a Modular Design Systems, allow businesses to significantly reduce development and operational costs, and focus their time and budgets on other important tasks.