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Build it up

We believe every idea has potential to grow into something huge. It takes faith, creativity, knowledge, devotion, and experience. We aim high, challenge everything, and work hard to help build up ideas, and create meaningful products for people.

Together For Better

It’s no secret. Team work and collaboration is what makes good ideas great. No matter how large or small a project is, we’ll get the whole crew involved as we work closely together to develop products that make a difference.


Great design is about more than simply looking good.
It needs to feel good, to sound good, to taste good.


A great product is innovative but easy to understand.
It is faultless, consistent and enjoyable.


Interface kit

Next Level Tools for Managing Your Upcoming Events!


EventPro is an advanced event management platform, which allows you to manage your upcoming events with ease. It's quick to create a new event... and after that you'll be free to pick the format and interface that best suits your style. Event settings and notifications are managed from a simple, streamlined control panel, as well as allowing you to monitor event activity using a detailed statistical package.

In designing the user interface, we were looking for simple – yet powerful – user controls. EventPro allows users to Pin content, Manage items, Track balances, Gather statistics, and more.

The platform uses our specially designed activity stream to offer a bird's-eye view of the process – from event creation, through to ticket sales and user interactions. You can browse through user comments, shares, feedback and more.

EventPro also makes it easy to keep track of your ticket sales, your users and their interactions with your upcoming event – using powerful statistical engines that do all the hard work for you.

  • Concept Development
  • Web UI/UX Design
  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Free UI Kit


Social application

Connecting Users with a Whole New World of Possibilities


Whether you're at work, in the gym or even discovering a new town! How much do you really know about the people around you?

Networx is a social network born from everyone's need to go outside and meet like-minded individuals, share ideas and inspire each other. The user's location serves are the common ground for this purpose.

This way the user can discover meet-ups, places and events near and far where they can feel acknowledged and welcomed.

Using the innovative search with advanced filters such as clientele, capacity and events calendars, the app can narrow down the results even for the most exquisite taste. Feeling left out? Still? We have thought of this, too.

Every user has the ability to create their own events and invite their friends or people with similar interests. Tools like timeline, photos and conversations help keeping track of user's friends and favourite places. Feeling shy? Just announce your arrival and let others come to you. Pretty simple, right?

  • Concept design
  • App UI/UX Design
  • Web UI/UX Design
  • App Development /iOS & Android/
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Video Development
  • Video Production & Post-Production

campaign design

A Message of Love and Harmony, Updated for the Digital Age


Bob Marley's legacy lives on – through his children, through his family, and through the #Share1Love campaign on

The campaign looks to raise awareness of Charity: Water, a non-profit organisation who work hard to bring safe, clean drinking water to at-risk communities in the developing world. Users are encouraged to record, upload and share their own videos to the site, and to their social media feeds as well. The site runs a Videoo plug-in making it easy to share streaming video content online – and in return for the messages of support, Videoo pledges to donate $1 to Charity: Water for every video uploaded.

It's no secret that Bob Marley was a charitable soul, an ambassador of love. At his kindness lives on, carried in the hearts of his fans, his supporters, and other charitable souls the world over. Through the #Share1Love campaign, the site has developed an effective, media-savvy approach to raising charity funds. It uses intelligent video uploaders set in a slick, streamlined site, and combined with all the convenience of a fully social media integrated platform.

In creating the user interface, we looked for effective, robust solutions that would make the platform possible... while remaining simple enough that they wouldn't get in the way of the core message. We utilised responsive design, and extensive front-end development in creating a page for powering the Share1Love campaign. Engaging written content and search engine optimisation played a role too, in ensuring the site would get seen by as many people as possible. (?)

XShare1Love already has some big names onboard – names such as Ziggy Marley, Richard Branson – and now, with your support too, this positive message stands to reach more people still. So tune in, connect, upload and share... Share1Love with the world, and help raise awareness for the needs of those who lack a voice of their own.

  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Mobile App Design

Watch Ziggy Marley

Watch Richard Branson

Watch Jason Mraz

Rich beach

Application and Branding

Rich Beach is a slick new app that brings users together from around the world. 


Our mission was to create an interface that would be easy to use, while also conveying a sense of purpose – it had to be both functional and flashy, a sophisticated app with a satisfying user experience.

Our work on Rich Beach began at the software architecture stage. Meticulous planning went into the layout of screens, the journeys that different users would take through the app. From the initial splash screen, we sculpted a series of data-form screens… which took the user through the simplified sign-up and log-in processes.

After creating an effective logo for the app – and choosing the defining colours for the brand – we went ahead and applied these themes throughout the user experience. Screen layouts and colours have all been carefully although always with an emphasis on creating a clean and straightforward interface.

We built a great deal of functionality into the Rich Beach app, as well: subscription screens and secure card payments, a personal messaging system, picture galleries, and rich, multi-dimensional user profiles. All of that was brought together with a discreet-but-effective navigation system, designed for smooth and simple use of all the app’s features.

The result? A stylish and sophisticated product, that offers a good range of different features… while maintaining a primary focus on users, their pictures and their profiles.

  • Concept Development
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • App Icon Design
  • Mobile App
  • UI/UX Design
  • Social Media Branding
Coming soon on the App Store


Online luxury shop



Inseller Luxury Shopping offers buyers exclusive access to some of the top pre-owned fashion items on the planet. No matter whether you’re in the market for handbags, designer shoes, jewelry or fashion accessories, Dubai’s Inseller Luxury Shopping cuts out the middle-man, allowing users to enjoy some of the best products – and some of the best deals – in the fashion industry.

From Louboutins to authentic Celine products, Inseller offers unparalleled access to premier brands. Users are able to enjoy a 100% authenticity guarantee on all items, with accurate, detailed listings to ensure complete buying satisfaction.

In creating the perfect platform for Inseller, we knew that style was going to be important. The site’s users would have a taste for quality, and so we put a lot of thought into building an immersive and rich environment which might do justice to some of the finest brands in fashion.

In addition to slick visuals, it was crucial that this selling platform featured all the security and control of the leading ecommerce sites. We added a whole range of features to enable smooth and secure transactions, from watertight checkouts and payment systems through to the presentation of authentication guarantees… and of course, space for detailed and thorough listings backed by glossy, hi-resolution images of items.

  • Concept Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Web UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Social Media Branding

Planet Destiny

Responsive redesign

Your Online Portal to the Destiny Universe


Destiny is more than just a game – it’s a phenomenon, with legions of dedicated fans and players all around the world. So when we took on the job of rebuilding ‘Planet Destiny,’ the game’s popular online web portal, we knew we were going to have a tough act to follow.

The site needed to serve as a true accompaniment to the game – a community base, a handbook, a player’s manual. We worked closely with the team at Planet Destiny in order to curate a wealth of information that users could benefit from. It features detailed information on the game, its characters and antagonists, as well as in-game hardware such as weaponry, items and collectibles.

The website had a difficult job to do, in providing a worthy counterpart to the game’s razor-sharp visuals and creative world building. We decided to opt for a visual-heavy style as a result, featuring samples of in-game graphics, screenshots and tutorial videos throughout. In designing our navigation system we embraced the mythology of the game-world, adopting a tone and language that would best mimic the experience of players – with information pages on ‘Guardians,’ ‘Races,’ ‘Vendors’ and ‘Enemies,’ as well as comprehensive guides on in-game strategy.

As our Planet Destiny portal developed though, some of our work would find its way back into the game itself. We redesigned the in-game interface, providing the players with new, fresh-looking icons and a more immersive stat display. By using a similar design on the website, we were able to brand both products with a look and feel that unified the two and cemented the website as an authentic and loyal addition to the game experience.

All in all, the Planet Destiny project was a real test of our ability to celebrate the style and texture of the game, while improving on the previous platform – creating a product that sat comfortably alongside an existing world, and one already rendered in lavish detail and design.

  • Concept development
  • Web UI/UX Design
  • Mobile UI/UX Design

Ready to use




Vector graphics have been around for a long time in the print media, and can also be applied to great effect on the web – where they take the form of Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG files.

When it comes to serving up graphics on the web, the SVG format offers a number of notable advantages over the standard Bitmap approach. Here are just a few reasons to upgrade your graphics to SVG:

RESOLUTION INDEPENDENCEBitmap and other rasterised graphics are "resolution dependent" – this means images are built from pixels, and have a tendency to distort and pixelate as you zoom in. Vector graphics don't have that problem. SVG works independently of resolution, so that these mathematically expressed graphics will maintain their high quality at any zoom level. As such, it's the perfect format for Retina Displaymore, as you track interactions from your online audience.

FAST RETRIEVALWith standard image formats, an HTML document will send the web browser elsewhere to retrieve embedded graphics files. Not so with SVG, however. SVG graphics can be embedded directly into the HTML, using the special SVG tag… which results in better website performance, and faster loading times.

STYLISTIC CONTROLAnother benefit of a directly embedded SVG tag, is that it affords us greater control over the way those graphics appear on the screen. We'll be able to modify graphics the same way we work with regular HTML tags – customising backgrounds, opacity, borders and more, thanks to just a few tweaks of the CSS or JavaScript.

ANIMATION & FINE TUNINGWe can even animate an SVG object, bringing a little life and movement to your web presentation! SVG can be controlled with an animation element, or through JavaScript Libraries such as jQuery. It's also possible to further edit the SVG object using regular text code editors, Adobe Illustrator, or even with freeware graphic applications such as Inkscape.

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