The Basic Fundamentals

Reinventing Romanian entrepreneurs to build successful businesses

Through sharing knowledge and experience on management, marketing and sales solutions

The Basic Fundamentals

With a bold vision to transform Romania's economic landscape, TBF’s mission for the next four decades is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of successful, large-scale businesses founded and led by Romanian entrepreneurs.

The Objective

Crafting a brand identity that is bold and easily recognizable is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor, but the prospect of developing an image that is highly versatile yet consistent across various channels and contexts further piqued the team's enthusiasm.

The Concept

As TBF places a strong emphasis on communication and knowledge-sharing with its audience, we decided to use a speech bubble as the main visual element for the brand identity.

Additionally, the logo needed to be highly adaptable for use across different contexts, sub-brands, and diverse marketing requirements.

The Typeface

We selected a typeface with a distinctive modernist look characterized by its bold, but sophisticated geometric letterforms - an excellent choice for brands seeking a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with a high degree of legibility and impact. Moreover, the font allows for efficient use of space, which perfectly matched TBF’s needs.

Coherence Across Sub-Brands

Through its flexible and adaptable design, the logo became as a powerful unifying symbol, enhancing brand recognition and creating a sense of consistency across the sub-brands.

The subtle mastery of brand presence

Knowing TBF's immense potential for seamlessly integrating the brand image, we immersed ourselves in creating various visual motifs and assets, which helped establish a unique and unforgettable presence across all channels.

Prioritising Features

Engraving the logo into every form of communication

A signature mark

Embedded within each element of the digital to physical spectrum, the brand's identity establishes a cohesive presence and strengthens recognition.

Rebranding - a serious undertaking

Rebranding is an exciting opportunity to calibrate a business to the dynamically changing market. From the thorough evaluation of the current brand identity, target audience, market position and competitive landscape, to planning, creation, and launching, a business needs to have a clear strategy that aligns with its values and goals.

A brand identity perfected to the smallest detail

With all the essential materials in place to fuel their new brand identity, TBF was all set to create a captivating brand experience and establish a profound connection that resonated with their audience.