Humanizing the interaction between people and data

The awaited rebrand of ConverSight:

the AI-powered augmented analytics tool for the next generation of business leaders.

Rebranding - a serious undertaking

Rebranding is an exciting opportunity to calibrate a business to the dynamically changing market. From the thorough evaluation of the current brand identity, target audience, market position and competitive landscape, to planning, creation, and launching, a business needs to have a clear strategy that aligns with its values and goals.

Understanding the brand & their objectives for rebranding

Understanding ConverSight's business, products, and customers was essential in aligning internal and external teams on rebranding objectives.

We researched and evaluated their products, customers, market presence, competition, brand footprint, and outlined the challenges keeping the brand from remaining competitive on the market.

Uncovering the soul of the brand

Brand Discovery & Strategy

Brand discovery was critical for ConverSight, clarifying their vision and goals, identifying the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and outlining the opportunities for differentiation. Using these insights, we developed a brand strategy matching ConverSight's business goals, resonating with their target audience, and setting the brand apart from its competitors.

Visual direction

Developing and perfecting the visual direction requires a collaborative effort between designers and stakeholders.

Keeping ConverSight's values, personality and target audience at the forefront, we created stylescapes for 3 unique visual identities. This approach allowed us to communicate the new distinct styles, while remaining mindful of the resources and time invested.

Crafting the visual identity

Our objective was to create a brand identity that not only ensures a visual consistency across all platforms and materials, but also fosters a strong emotional connection with the audience.

We incorporated the flagship AI product, Athena, and the logotype into the design aesthetics and developed the identity further into a unique visual language.

Consistency throughout all brand touchpoints

Standing out from the Competition

With the color wheel spectrum of direct competitors identified during the initial stage in mind, we decided to go forward with shades of green which, alongside the AI-themed graphic elements, would differentiate the brand from its direct competitors and set its desired friendly brand feel.

Brand Guidelines

From logo variations and use, to colors, typography, and a full range of online and offline brand applications, we equipped ConverSight with everything they need.

Whether running daily operations, engaging with potential clients and partners, organizing events abroad or even opening a new office, the Brand Guidelines provided the necessary support for a uniform brand.

Launching and promoting the new brand identity

Brand positioning and brand identity, no matter how well-crafted and innovative, hold little value until they are effectively implemented and introduced to the audience.

With a complete set of assets for brand activation, ConverSight was fully prepared for a smooth introduction of the new identity across all channels.