Empowering the Movie Industry

A Cinematic Journey of Rebranding

Empowering the Movie Industry

Cinelytic is an AI-driven analytical tool for studios and content companies in the film industry. With comprehensive data, forecasts, real-time analytics and project management tools, it enables to make faster and better-informed acquisition and release decisions.

Taking the leap

Embracing AI in the entertainment industry

Predicting success - across all devices

The integrated online platform provides key insights into the value of film stars, as well as the expected costs and earnings of a film in theaters, and on other ancillary streams.

Empowering the industry giants

Cinelytic's game-changing technology enabled major players like Warner Bros. Pictures, Ingenious Media, Sony, and other industry leaders to achieve a lead in the film sector.

Cinelytic streamlines decision-making during the crucial green light phase of film projects, facilitating quick and well-informed choices while providing the ability to predict success with confidence.

Optimising... well, everything

While the platform won’t necessarily predict what will be the next $1 billion surprise, like Warners’ hit Dune, it reduces the time executives spend on low-value, repetitive tasks and instead give them better dollar-figure parameters for marketing and distribution decisions, including release dates.

“ Cinelytic’s rebrand required a delicate equilibrium between modernization and preserving its identity. “

Pedro Tribizon

Head of Brand at Dtail Studio

Revolutionizing a brand's image

The intersection of art & science

Researched to the core

Gathering valuable feedback and stats from the current client database of Cinelytic provided us with reliable insights about their audience.

Redefining the target audience

To ensure the rebranding process for Cinelytic was successful, we first gathered in-depth insights of the target audience. This information was vital for creating a visually appealing brand identity that effectively establishes an emotional connection with its users.

Understanding the business identity

Brand attributes are the core values that define the nature of a company and represent the essence of its business. We identified these traits and embodied them in the brand tone to better communicate the qualities associated with the brand.

The symbol

We modeled Cinelytic’s new symbol based on three essential premises in the art direction: data, entertainment, and AI.

The symbol’s triangular shape and smooth edges allow for endless branding applications. The three-layered composition adds a sense of depth and three-dimensionality, elevating the symbol's aesthetic appeal and reinforcing its association with cutting-edge technology.

The wordmark

We designed a distinct typeface inspired by Dosis for the wordmark — a minimalist and contemporary typography that communicates clarity, originality, and coherence. The roundness of the characters lends itself well to amplify the brand's identity when combined with other elements composed with undulated contours.

Balancing simplicity and memorability

A logo is crucial for a brand as it defines and helps the audience recall it. When reinventing Cinelytic's brand, we aimed for a simple yet memorable logo that would be instantly recognizable.

The symbol as a visual expression

As a branding application, we used the symbol as a container for imagery, creating a dynamic visual effect that breaks the boundaries of the frame, ideal for cinematographic pictures . The versatility of the symbol's shape allows for it to be used in various orientations, providing a range of design options.

An endless range of possibilities

Different applications of a similar container-bursting effect enriched the possibilities of design references to the symbol. An example of this is the subtle use, in the image’s background, of a triangle aligned with the end of an image, from which actors and guests emerge, creating a sleek event cover.

Enhancing imagery through patterns

We put our design prowess to work by using the symbol’s triangular shape to produce an array of dynamic patterns, adding a layer of sophistication to the brand's applications and imagery.

Bringing the identity to life on the website and beyond